Tea Debate?


Milk or water first?

As a British citizen, tea (with milk and 1 sugar!) is life. An exaggeration? I would like to see my American friend survive without their morning coffee, and then they can criticize my addiction to my morning and afternoon cups of tea! 😉

Anyway, as said at the start, the main question is: milk first or not? Until the middle of last year, my regular exercise of making a good cup of tea would be as follows: grab a mug, put 1 tea bag in, pour in boiling water, add 1 sugar, then add milk. That, I considered, was the only way to make a good cup of tea.

One afternoon, one of my university housemates came into the kitchen and made her mug of tea as I was making mine. Shock horror, A) she didn’t add any sugar and B) she poured the milk in first with the teabag in the empty mug. I said ‘Why are you doing that?’, as I have never experienced such a trauma in my life. She said she didn’t know and it was just the way she was used to making a cup of tea. We spent a good amount of time defending our own cases. Hers was that it stems from older times when fine china would crack easily under the heat of the boiling water so the pouring in of the milk would temper the liquid. Mine was ‘How do you expect the tea leaves and their flavour to diffuse effectively?’, considering when there is the Great Wall of Milk slobbering all over them.

I have to admit, when my housemate later made me a mug of tea ‘her way’, it was brilliant! I ended up swallowing my own words (and the tea) and since have, occasionally, made my cups of tea milk first, so I guess now I am in the minority? Whilst at work experience I was also shamed for having sugar in my tea as opposed to drinking a nice hot mug of, what would then be, a muddy puddle that tastes as though someone has just accidentally dropped their bottle of milk into, and left to stew. Needless to say I now, sometimes, make my tea without sugar… when I have a nice sweet, sugary cake on the side. One thing I would never do is have my tea without milk. However following the trend in this post so far, maybe 2017 will be the year.

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18 thoughts on “Tea Debate?

  1. Funny, now that I think about it, I either don’t add milk or add it after the water for tea, but I prefer to add it first for coffee. Almond milk and sugar on the bottom, then it all gets mixed together by the pouring coffee. Why don’t I do this for tea??? I question everything now


      1. I mostly drink herbal teas and they don’t really seem to need milk the way black tea does. I also drink my coffee black sometimes…. it’s a sign of a high quality brew if I don’t need to add anything


  2. I am American, but I had the unique blessing to live in New Zealand for four months while I was in college. The first time i made tea in the teachers’ lounge at the school where I was student teaching, I was watched with looks of such horror that I remember becoming self-conscious about it. Apparently I was doing it wrong. I poured water in my cup and then dunked my tea bag in it. I then proceeded to pour the milk in. I didn’t just put the tea bag in and let it sit either. I continued to mess with it, which is also a no no, I learned. For the next week, my tea was made for me, so that I could experience a “proper cuppa.” Honestly, it tastes the same to me either way, but I usually make it the “right” way, just in respect to my time there and those memories.


    1. Wow, you’ve done some travelling, hope you enjoyed the experience but that is an odd way to make tea (pour in the water then add the tea bag), sorry! It seems then that tea is a national treasure in countries other than England.


      1. I hadn’t ever thought about there being a right and wrong way to make tea before I went down there. Tea isn’t really a big American cultural thing like it is for British, Kiwis and Aussies, I’ve learned.


      1. Otherwise I find that if I put the jam on first then clotted cream, the weight and density of the clotted ends up smearing all the jam when I try to spread it so it looks all mixed up. Maybe I’m doing something wrong!

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  3. Haha, I really liked the idea which you picked for writing this post. It also had some good humour.(‘experienced such trauma’made me crack up)
    Maybe it’s time for some change since even I have always prepared tea your way,


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