Nostalgia- A Specific Moment in Time

You are walking on a warm, sunny Summer’s day. There is a slight breeze cooling the back of your neck. Out of nowhere you remember one of your favourite childhood sweets. You remember how it tasted, the texture, the excitement of having it bought for you or, when you were old enough, buying it for yourself.

You remember the packaging. The rustling and crinkling noise produced when you delved into them. A feeling of peace and happiness comes to you as you remember those sweet days of innocence and yore; the days were filled with fun and excitement in that naive bubble a young child lives in, until they are of a certain age.

Then suddenly, a sweeping sensation interrupts this happiness as sadness or regret begins to set in. Sadness towards the fact that your life is no longer like that once, so care free child’s. Regret that you had to grow up and leave that time behind, in the past. Blissful ignorance is no longer an option.

Walk into the local newsagents. Buy some sweets; whether it be flying saucers, lemon drops or the old liquorice- sherbet dip. Open the packaging and hear the rustling, crinkling noise. Delve into them and enjoy the moment.


via Daily Prompt: Specific 

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