Socks in Bed Debate?

Here is another question: Socks on in bed, or off?

This thought occurred to me when one of my friends ended up going to bed for a nap but with her daytime clothes on; jeans, socks etc and I remember thinking, how, how is that comfortable?! as I became deeply upset with that neglect of the poor pyjamas.

Socks in bed not only don’t allow your feet to breathe, but when you move your feet and legs, you can feel the friction between the material of the socks and the bed sheet. There is no freedom! It is this friction between the two fabrics that causes me distress, so much so that I am writing this post at 3.05am (with my electric blanket turned on a medium setting) but probably won’t post it til later in the day.

There was only one time when I have worn socks in bed is when I visited the Wolong panda reserve in China. The place in the mountains where my family and I stayed, I can say with no absolutely no exaggeration, was (come nighttime) only what I can describe to you as a place where your body will surely be immortalised in a block of ice overnight.

Other than that one time, whereby if I hadn’t worn socks in bed my toes would have snapped off, as a bamboo stalk is snapped by the sweeping motion of a giant panda’s paw, I do not remember wearing socks in bed prior to that.

This electric blanket is making my bed a tad too warm now, might turn it down a notch.

LP 🐼

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