You Should Try This Dessert!


Pizza Express is my go-to restaurant when my family and I fancy a nice meal out. They have good desserts including the classic warm chocolate fudge cake with ice cream!

Up until recently, I have always ordered either ice cream on its own (chocolate and/or salted caramel) or the chocolate fudge cake. As brilliant as they are, I have now found my new favourite dessert.

This dessert is off the ‘Dolcetti’ part of the dessert menu so it is a mini one, which is great for me considering I am usually, literally, bursting at the seams (of my stretchy Topshop jeans) after my starter and main course. Despite being full, I am one of those people who just simply cannot pass on dessert. Until I have had dessert, as far as I am aware, the meal isn’t over! Until I have dessert, my stomach is an infinite chasm regardless of how bloated I am.

The mini desert I am referring to is the salted caramel profiteroles (you get 3) which is served with tea or coffee. I have mine with, of course, a nice cup of tea (English breakfast tea). Before trying this dessert I did think it odd to have a cup of tea straight after a large meal as I tend to think of it as a light snack to fill in the gaps between meals. I can safely say, however, that it is perfect. Not too filling but you still get dessert. There is something about having a lovely hot cup of tea with something sweet on the side just to wind down and soothe that bloated feeling from the previous courses.


8 thoughts on “You Should Try This Dessert!

      1. I was at the theatre (went to see a panto.) on the same day! They were selling salted caramel ice cream too but I got vanilla instead… a choice I deeply regretted after my dad got the salted caramel and my mum got chocolate.


    1. Yeah that’s why I enjoy going to Pizza Express, it’s nice but not too fancy and extortionate! This mini dessert in the picture I took was around £5.25 or something. Thank you very much for the follow! I will certainly check out your response 🙂

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  1. Whoa, this looks amazing! Even I have this obsession with sweets, sometimes to such an extent that I get through meals only keeping the dessert in mind… And obviously the rest of my day is largely taken up by thoughts about the next meal…
    I guess one day I may just marry ‘food’
    -Thoughts from a Jovial Glutton


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