Scone or Scone?

Debate time! How do you pronounce *scone*- as A) ‘scon’ or B) ‘scoan’. I purposely didn’t write ‘Scon or Scone’ as the title because it suggests that ‘scone’ is the correct way to say it.

When I was a child, I always used to pronounce it as option A. However, no surprise, a classroom debate erupted.

The argument for ‘scon’ was that you wouldn’t pronounce ‘gone’ as ‘goan’ whilst the argument for ‘scoan’ was that you don’t pronounce ‘cone’ as ‘con’. And there then there is sometimes a dig at sounding ‘posh’ if you say ‘scoan’. Thus, a great social division is created… at least for periods (classes/lessons) 3 and 4.

The number of debates I have experienced over this single word has has traumatized my brain so much, that now, I make a conscious effort to switch between the two options.

If I go to a cafe to have an afternoon tea with my friends and I want to order tea for one with scones, I dread the moment when I have to use my voice to demonstrate my free will in making that order. As I am about to say ‘may I have the tea for one with ‘scons”, the shrieking of classmates- ‘IT’S PRONOUNCED ‘SCOAN’!’ resurfaces. Suddenly I find myself asking for ‘sco… oaaans’ as my brain cells quickly try to deliver a message to my facial muscles, and it looks like I’ve just yawned in the waiter’s face.

6 thoughts on “Scone or Scone?

  1. Ahah I do the same thing with .gif (hard vs. soft “g” – “giff” or “jiff.” My techie friends say “jiff” but other people laugh at me when I do it.) Never heard “scon” before.


      1. I think that’s the common pronunciation. And it makes sense, because .gif stands for “graphics interface format” and “graphics” starts with a hard “g.” I think the techies are trolling us 😉

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