Dinner at Croma

For a birthday meal, my parents treated me to a lovely meal at Croma and I thought that I might as well share a picture of the pizzas. I have to admit, I did miss my Pizza Express salted caramel profiteroles with a cup of tea, however, Croma does have some pretty good pizzas… and it ended up being slightly cheaper!

I had the garlic prawns (starter),the Florentina pizza (main) and a scoop of caramel ice cream (dessert). The Florentina pizza was delicious and it was just under £8! If you don’t know what it is, it is a pizza with the ordinary base of tomato sauce and cheese etc., but it also has spinach, olives and an egg in the middle. It may sound weird having an egg with a pizza, but it just tastes like egg on toast, only better. Now I like the yolk of my eggs kind of runny but not so much that it looks like its under cooked.  Getting the perfect yolk is tricky but this egg I had in my pizza was just that! When I gently poked into it with my knife, the yolk nicely flowed out onto the pizza and at the bottom had a thin layer of firm yolk, which affirmed to me that it was not completely raw. I have to admit that the egg made the pizza, as any egg that is perfectly cooked, to an individual’s taste, goes with anything!


(Working clockwise) The one with the egg in is the Florentina and the pizza with the strips of cucumber is the Anatra (peking duck, plum and hoisin sauce,spring onions, cucumber, mozzarella and coriander without tomato). Lastly, there is the Bresaola Parmentier (garlic butter base, Bresaola, potato, Garstang blue cheese, walnuts, rocket, and rosemary).



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