Say ‘Yes’ to Waffles!

Last Thursday, I was just craving waffles…can’t imagine why (!) 😉

I decided to ask one of my friends if she was free to meet up and gave a subtle hint when she asked what plan I had in mind: ‘dunno,fancied Off the Waffle lol’. We then debated for a few minutes whether to go or not because if we did, we had to walk and it was already dark, cold and approaching 7pm (not late but still dark and bitterly cold outside).

We decided to just go for it and say yes to waffles. As soon as the momentous and very spontaneous decision (for such a hermit as myself),  was made, i grabbed my house keys, unplugged my phone charger, put on my boots and coat,then grabbed my bag. I was out that front door in under a minute.

I was genuinely excited to be meeting up with a friend and going to eat a dessert I had been craving, however it was mainly just to simply hang out with someone because earlier in the day I was a bit down so needed a pick me up.

We went to Off the Waffle. I ordered the White Chocolate Indulgence:’Fresh waffle or crepe served with strawberry and banana slices drizzled with white chocolate sauce and finished with white belgian choc chips'(£5.95). My friend ordered the White Nutella: ‘Fresh waffle or crepe smothered with white nutella spread, a choice of strawberry or banana slices served with a topping of your choice finished with chocolate sauce’ (£5.95).

FullSizeRender (3)

LP 🐼




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