Sometimes, It’s Just Hard to Let Go

I saw on the Daily Prompts page that the prompt for today was ‘Massive’.

*Note: for some reason something went weird when uploading this post and it’s saying I uploaded this 7 days ago…if anyone knows why this has happened, feel free to tell me!

I ended up thinking that quite a few things have happened in my lifetime so far. I’m not sure if you could call them massive because it depends on perspective. The thing that I thought of was my cat and her death. Not only because as a child and because she was a bit over weight my mum and I used to say she looked ‘massive’ in some photos taken from a bad angle, but also because her passing (nearly 1 year ago) was a huge wake up call to just life.

This isn’t exactly as cheerful as my post on waffles, but to future me: it will pass and life goes on.

Note: I will also put a link to some of my advice for those who are experiencing pet loss.

It’s been ages since my cat passed away. Yes, my cat…just a small animal, right? My cat had lived with me for over a decade, over half my life. That’s quite a lot of time for bonding, so whether it’s a person or pet that is lost, it is that presence that we miss. I remember coming back from the vets and seeing my cat’s empty bed as I walked into my bedroom and it genuinely felt as though my heart sunk. Suddenly, that companionship, that great listener wasn’t there any more and the worst part of it was the daunting realisation that it was permanent.

That now-empty bed that used to hold a warm, loving, fury companion isn’t really the same and at the time, it was an upsetting reminder of the mortality of life. (deep)

There is a bit of stigma from some non-pet owners against pet owners who grieve a lot for their pets, as the non-pet owners don’t understand what it is like to have a pet for a number of years. That is why I am writing this public post for my future self, because my future self should never feel stupid or silly for still feeling upset whenever I think about cat and, eventually, my dog. Just felt like I needed to write this post down for myself.

I think also what made me feel worse about my cat’s death, was that I was in the room when she was put to sleep and she cried (meowed) when the nurses put the catheter in her leg. To see a childhood pet, or any pet for that matter, alive one minute and then no longer there the next, is scary. It makes you realise how precious life is and that you should certainly make the most of what you have, family wise, because eventually you will have to let go of them, although never forget.



2 thoughts on “Sometimes, It’s Just Hard to Let Go

  1. Losing a pet is horrible! I’m sorry for your loss 😕.
    Your post may be saying it posted seven days ago, because that is what was ‘pre set’ on the published date. You can go back and change it pretty easily, hoped that helped 🙂.

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