Foodie Alphabet

I love food. So I thought, why not use the alphabet to list the foods I like!

Am I allowed to create my own challenge?

If so, I challenge:



Sashimi for Breakfast

LP 🐼




Chocolate- preferably dark

Daim bars


Fish (tuna, salmon, plaice, haddock, cod, prawns, calamari)

Garlic- this just adds flavour to anything


Iceberg lettuce

Jam (with scones and cream, washed down with a good cup of tea!)

Kit Kat bars (cookies dough)- forget kale, too bitter for me

Lemon meringue pie

Macadamia and white chocolate cookies



Pumpkin soup


Reese’s pieces


Tomatoes- lovely with: mozzarella cheese, bit of olive oil, tiny bit of balsamic vinegar, and black pepper.

U (haven’t eaten anything beginning with this letter!)

Vegetables- I actually like vegetable in general, my least favourite would be Brussels sprouts even though I’ll eat them if i have to.

Water cress- good in egg sandwiches.

X (haven’t eaten anything beginning with this letter either. I need to go on a food quest!))

Yellow bell peppers

Zucchini (a courgette in the UK?)



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