Labels: Good or Bad?

So, the prompt for today’s post is ‘Label’.

Don’t judge me, but I actually thought of a scene from Doctor Who which connects with this debate. It is the scene in the episode ‘Doomsday’ (series 2) with the cybermen:

‘Cybermen will remove fear […] sex and class and colour and creed. You will become identical.’


These are labels. Not bad ones but just examples. Label’s like these can be handy as they contribute to individual identity, however, it is when these ‘labels’are abused by others. It is done when people use them to put down others, who they perceive as not adhere to their perception of the ‘norm’. For example, racism, homophobia, classism.

Labels only gain negative connotations when they are used in a derogatory manner. Therefore, it is ok to not be too put out by labels. If someone ‘labels’ you as ‘smart person’, embrace it as a compliment! Also, sometimes labels are needed because how are we supposed to know what’s in our food from the supermarket! (Speaking of food, you should check out my  Foodie Alphabet which I turned into a nice little light-hearted challenge.)



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