What, Actually, Is Pie??

The Oxford English Dictionary classifies ‘pie’, the food, as ‘A baked dish of fruits, meat, fish, or vegetables, covered with pastry (or a similar substance)’.

But what about fish pie or cottage pie where there is no pastry, instead, there is a lovely layer of mashed potato.

Then, there’s the old use of the word ‘pie’ to refer to the Magpie bird (used in periods such as the Renaissance…yes, I haven’t been studying English Literature at degree level to go away not knowing what ‘pie’ was. Who needs to be grammatically correct etc. when pie is at steak.  (sorry)

Then, there’s my least favourite kind of pie…the maths Pi: “π” which also, when two are put together, looks like me during maths: π π (crying inside).

So what is pie? To be honest, as long as its edible and tasty, it is just a Panda In Elysium.

LP 🐼


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