Lavender Pillow Mist

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Since the start of the academic year I have been a very stressed panda with work, living situation and just tense in general. This does not help when it comes to sleep.

For Christmas I asked my mum to get me this bottle of lavender pillow mist that is available in M&S stores. It only costs around £5 and the lavender scent is very calming, especially on fresh bed sheets.

I usually do 2 spritzes on my pillow and 2 on the quilt where my face usually hides beneath. I don’t know if it is a placebo effect but it does sometimes help me wind down if i’m not at a very high stress level. It’s handy if you are like me and live in, say, a student house where candles are prohibited but you still want to have that relaxing scent at night.

The main problem with this is, you can certainly smell the lavender when you spray it onto your chosen fabric, but after that it doesn’t stay as strong. I’m not sure if this is me going ‘nose blind’, but then I’m the kind of person who can just bask in the heavy scents of a Lush store for hours. So, if you do prefer something that has a very strong scent, then maybe this isn’t the best option.

This spray is useful when you just want something light/faint, directly on your pillow. If people want something stronger to alleviate a more extreme type of stress or sleeplessness, one of my housemates recommends herbal pills such as Kalms.

LP 🐼


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