Victoria’s Secret Hand Cream Review


I bought the Victoria’s Secret Pure Daydream hand cream a while back…nearly 3 years ago, but only just thought of noting it down, here, on this humble, little, electronic space of mine.

Usually, I’m the type of person who almost dislikes hand cream; the reason being, I hate the feeling of having almost damp or sticky hands after moisturizing them, therefore being unable to use them properly such as picking up my phone and trying not to smear it with all the essence of greasy oil on my touch screen.

So, naturally it came as a shock to me after a girl in my English Literature class offered me some of her hand cream, that is after I commented on its lovely scent, and I didn’t find it repulsive on my skin. I should also mention that I have VERY sensitive skin. My skin flares up with the touch of a feather…well, that’s an exaggeration, but it is pretty sensitive and I have suffered from eczema in the past due to stress and spontaneous reactions.



After ‘trying’ this girl’s hand cream for several classes in a row, I finally decided to go into a Victoria’s Secret store and buy it for myself. It cost £11 –  a little pricey for a hand cream and for someone who was still studying for their A Levels. However, I definitely do not regret this little buy.  The smell is gorgeous; it is fresh and sweet but not too sweet and overpowering.

The cream is described on the product as ‘pearl orchid & pink currant’ . Now, I have no idea what these two things actually smell like on their own, in their natural state but they go great together in this concoction of a hand cream. As I am writing this post, I am sitting here just sniffing the bottle to try and describe the actual scent. It certainly has a predominant currant and fruity scent. It’s not fruity in the sense of strawberries and mango etc., but it has those slightly deeper sweet scents you get from red berries such as currents and blackberries.

However, the tone that comes before this fruity scent is definitely the floral, the orchid. It really helps having a strong and powerful orchid scent at the forefront of this hand cream as I, personally, think that it helps take away the sluggish, gross feeling you can get from other creams that just smell of plain, hand cream chemicals with no appealing fragrance. The orchid scent helps lift the notion of greasiness with hand cream as it smells lovely and fresh.

The texture, to me as I am still uncertain about the feel of hand creams, is slightly thick and creamy which is great for people who have very dry skin that is in need of deep moisturizing. The good thing about it being creamy, is that you only need a small amount of it per use. I only used to use a drop that is just about the size of a small peanut and that moisturized the palms of both of my hands.


*For those that are wandering or who like to know what chemicals are in their products, I’ll insert an image of the ingredients listed on the bottle below. Sorry it can’t be any clearer due to the metallic packaging.

FullSizeRender (4)


The packaging is sweet and simple with a horizon effect with the deep pink and very light blue-turquoise colours. I also like how the packaging is metallic because it just adds a sense of elegance as opposed to if it was matte. I also find it convenient now because I think metallic effects will make an even bigger comeback shortly, given the unicorn and galaxy effects having a success on Instagram, and now marbling, especially in bakery.

So, that is my opinion of Victoria Secret’s Pure Daydream hand cream. As I bought this a few years ago, it may not be available in store anymore, but you may be able to find it on sites such as Amazon of eBay.

If it isn’t in store anymore I would still recommend, when buying hand creams, to go for scents that have an orchid based tone, or a sweet but clean and fresh plant/floral based scent with undertones of something that would bring a mellow, fruity sweetness. Certainly avoid scents such as vanilla if you aren’t keen on very sweet scents as they can sometimes be too heavy.




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