Foodie Alphabet

I love food. So I thought, why not use the alphabet to list the foods I like! Am I allowed to create my own challenge? If so, I challenge: BeaFree pinkiebag Sashimi for Breakfast LP 🐼   Apples Blueberries Chocolate- preferably dark Daim bars Eggs Fish (tuna, salmon, plaice, haddock, cod, prawns, calamari) Garlic- this … More Foodie Alphabet

Dinner at Croma

For a birthday meal, my parents treated me to a lovely meal at Croma and I thought that I might as well share a picture of the pizzas. I have to admit, I did miss my Pizza Express salted caramel profiteroles with a cup of tea, however, Croma does have some pretty good pizzas… and … More Dinner at Croma

Scone or Scone?

Debate time! How do you pronounce *scone*- as A) ‘scon’ or B) ‘scoan’. I purposely didn’t write ‘Scon or Scone’ as the title because it suggests that ‘scone’ is the correct way to say it. When I was a child, I always used to pronounce it as option A. However, no surprise, a classroom debate … More Scone or Scone?

Tea Debate?

Milk or water first? As a British citizen, tea (with milk and 1 sugar!) is life. An exaggeration? I would like to see my American friend survive without their morning coffee, and then they can criticize my addiction to my morning and afternoon cups of tea! 😉 Anyway, as said at the start, the main … More Tea Debate?