5 Must Read Nineteenth – Century Classics

Literature is a great way to connect with others and for escapism. I would like to share some of the classics I have enjoyed reading … More 5 Must Read Nineteenth – Century Classics



That feel when… I am able to remove my platform boots from my burning soles, after wondering round town for 4 hours. You make the perfect cup of tea. You finished watching the Avatar: The Last Airbender series and don’t know what to do with your life. You see an act of kindness towards an … More TFW …

Foodie Alphabet

I love food. So I thought, why not use the alphabet to list the foods I like! Am I allowed to create my own challenge? If so, I challenge: BeaFree pinkiebag Sashimi for Breakfast LP 🐼   Apples Blueberries Chocolate- preferably dark Daim bars Eggs Fish (tuna, salmon, plaice, haddock, cod, prawns, calamari) Garlic- this … More Foodie Alphabet

5 Must Read Poems

These are just a few of my much loved poems that I think everyone should read! Literature is a great way to immerse yourself in another world that, ironically, reflects our own in some way. Literature reveals to us our faults and our achievements. Naturally I have missed out a load of brilliant masterpieces as … More 5 Must Read Poems